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Where have all the Sacageweas gone?

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Ecuador facts:

- Slightly smaller than Nevada
- Oil revenue represents 40% of export GDP
- Number one importer of American Sacagewea dollar coins (I am not making this up. In 2000, Ecuador adopted the US Dollar as their official currency and I now have three Sacageweas in my back pocket.)

So how is Ecuador? In short, kind of like Mexico, but with very bland food. I have to carry a bottle of the local hot sauce ¨Indio Bravo¨ just so I can stomach the food, which consists of rice, potatoes, chicken, and various other flavorless foods served without spice or condiments. Also on the menu is ¨cuy¨ which you and I know as guinea pig. I haven´t had this yet, but most certainly will in the next couple of months.

Having been in Quito for only a week, I have already learned a couple of valuable lessons. First off, hangovers and altitude sickness are a most painful combination. Trust me, if you plan on going over 4000 meters, do not drink a drop the night before or you will have an incurable headache later. One would think that traveling as long as I have, I would now be an astute and prepared traveler. Alas, I was caught without my standard pocket-full-of-toilet-paper in a public toilet that didn´t have a seat, let alone toilet paper. Let´s just say I will need a new travel book if I ever decide to go to French Guiana.

I have been in Quito for over a week now, which is fine except I havn´t really done much. A couple of notable side trips were up the teleférico with Joshua (Laura´s friend´s brother who lives in Quito who showed me around a bit) and to the equator at Midat del Mundo (see the photos for a better story.) Showing up in South America, I thought I would be able to settle in for a few weeks of Spanish classes, but I am too itchy to get out and hike the Andes to be spending my time reviewing ¨preterito indefinido¨. I guess since I have a workable Spanish base, the Spanish classes are more of a bonus than a necessity, and I cannot justify spending more time on them when there is so much out here to see and do. So it looks as if the next four months I will be flying by the seat of my pants as usual.


Urban scenery in Quito

Basilica del Voto Nacional

Sun trying to peek out behind the tower

Quito is huge

Can you believe they let me on top of the basilica?

Apartments in Downtown Quito

Am I at USD? (Quito Central Park)

Very old house in a Quito backyard

With Joshua at the top of the teleférico

This is what comes to mind when I think of South America

Grasses and mountains at 14000 feet

Mountain path near Quito

Finally, I am not sweaty after a short hike!

Someone with a sense of humor knows a bit of English

Straddling the Equator at Midat Del Mundo

Midat Del Mundo is most unspectacular

This renegade equator claims to be the real one.

Ever want to know how to shrink a head?

Wait, there´s more...

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A Week in Norcal

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Here are some photos of what I did for the last week in Northern California...

I just got finished booking the final trip before my savings are depleted: 3.5 months in South America (probably Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina) followed by 1.5 weeks in Costa Rica. It should be fun.


At a hippie potluck with Lea and Dusty in San Francisco

Tim's painting of the couch my parents gave him and Dusty

San Francisco Civic Center

Lea flys a kite on her birthday in SF

Flowers at Golden Gate Park

San Francisco skyline from the rooftop

With my parents in the mountains

Morning at Forest Meadows golf course

At the controls of a small aircraft

TJ having at the sprinkler

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